Casmara Gold anti wrinkle mask, 8 color moisturizing antioxidant oil, Cure Acne / Black Heads

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24K golden omnipotent mask (gold)
  • This luxurious and compact mask, based on seaweed, adds 24K gold powder, butter nut extract and Lyceum barbarum, gives skin tight, nourishing and antioxidant skin, and makes skin vibrant. All skin types are applicable. The most popular in the Kaman series.
Glacier chlorophyll oxygen replacement mask (green)
  • Chlorophyll and seaweed essence are used as the main components.
  • It brings oxygen supplement and sedation to the skin.
  • The brown seaweed essence in the mask is sticky polysaccharides, which helps restore the elasticity of the skin and expelled the yellow gas.
  • The cooling effect of facial mask has the effect of constriction of micro vessels and crimson.
  • It is suitable for skin with water shortage, redness and less energy. Oil skin is the most suitable!
Lycium barbarum balanced recovery water replenishing anti oxidant mask (red)
  • It contains the extracts of barbarus barbarus and quinoa. It helps to strengthen skin resistance and antioxidant.
  • Quinoa provides high quality protein, amino acids and vitamin B for skin.
  • Keep the skin healthy and look young.
  • The unique polysaccharide of Chinese wolfberry is the essential factor to maintain skin health. Sensitive muscle condition is not stable, often stays up late with small closed mouth strongly recommended!
Compactness anti wrinkle mask (blue)
  • Seaweed – the extract of the aloe and aloe is the treasure of the super moisturizing and moisturizing skin.
  • It makes your skin full of water, water and water, so you can play the piano on your face.
  • At the same time, algae, Lycium barbarum, honey and Chenopodium album extract have antioxidant, moisturizing and firming effects to make your skin luster.
  • Suitable for all skin types, the urgent need for water to relieve the fine lines of the pro can give priority to it.
Active carbon cleaning and moisturizing mask (black)
  • Promotes facial muscle movement, deep cleansing, to acne black head, is a hormone face Savior, seaweed extract can moisturize the skin deeply, especially for the mixed muscle / pore large / large oil field relatives.
Deep repair anti wrinkle moisturizing mask (pink)
  • Rich in seaweed, aloe vera, and violet oil, soothing, healing, and delaying skin aging. All skin types are applicable.
Shelf time: 3 years
Weight: gel 50ml*2pcs, powder 18g*2pcs, essence 4ml*1pc
Package: Bottle
Package Contains: mask powder + gel + cream + stir bar + instructions.
Usage: The essence is used before the mask, the proportion of the mask powder and liquid is 1:1, do not add any other liquid, quickly stir into a paste, and then apply to the face.
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