Wooden Cooking Spoons for Kitchen, Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Wooden Spatula, Wooden Kitchen Toolset


  • Handmade and Made up of Durable Wood
  • Eco-Friendly. Go Green.
  • Smooth Texture
  • These kitchen wooden spoons will not scratch or damage your pans 
  • Strong
  • Set of 10 Pieces
  • Easy to Clean

Item Details

  1. Oblique rice spoon: 18 X 7.5 cm
  2. Round rice spoon: 19.5X6 cm
  3. Seasoning spoon: 24 X 7 cm
  4. Salad spoon: 25 X 6.5 cm
  5. Trigeminal spoon:  25 X 6.5 cm
  6. Bent spoon: 25.5 X 6 cm
  7. Colander: 27 X 7.5 cm
  8. Spoon: 28.5 X 7.5 cm
  9. Curved shovel: 21 X 7.2 cm
  10. Flat shovel: 33.5 X 5  cm
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Natural Things’ brings an organic and eco-friendly option to your kitchen tools upgradation. These wooden spoons are durable and versatile, ideal to use with non sticky utensils. If you don’t like those heavy metallic kitchen tools and want to feel organic, these Wooden Cooking Spoons might be the right choice. This wooden toolset is suitable for all types of cooking you do. There are plenty of things giving these wooden utensils an edge over plastic and metallic utensils, such as non toxic, no chemical compound, non sticky, safest to use. Taste the nature!


  • Use for baking, stirring, mixing, flipping and transferring.
  • Made up of 100% pure natural wood.
  • No chemical coating.
  • Biodegradable.
  •  Perfect to use for high-temperature frying,
  • Durable, easy to clean, light weight and harmless.
  • Do no harm to expensive stuff
  • Firm grip and smooth texture
Use For
  • Kitchen
  • Cooking During Camping
  • Picnic
  • Outdoor cooking during recreational tours
Please Note: Focused light and display angles may cause the items look (very slightly) different un real than those in pictures. 

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