Organic natural wool laundry dryer balls

Organic Wool Dryer Balls: How this Eco-friendly hypoallergenic product can reduce your electricity costs

Wool dryer balls, you have heard the name and you might have seen them somewhere. Yet, you don’t exactly know what are they all about. Wool dryer balls aren’t a new innovation that has suddenly come to the fore but has been in use since quite a long time.

It has got some main stream attention and people are flocking to see what the hype is about.

wool dryer balls

What are dryer balls

Dryer balls sometimes referred to as Laundry balls or other similar names are an alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Dryer balls are a way to improve the efficiency when drying your laundry and soften them as well

Different types of dryer balls

laundry wool balls

Dryer balls can be made up of rubber, plastic or wool. The most popular of these are the woolen dryer balls because of their eco friendly nature. Since people opt for dryer balls as a natural alternative to chemically enfused dryer sheets and fabric softeners, they prefer the woolen balls as have the environmentally friendly properties of being 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable.

The conventionally preferred options were dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They have certain disadvantages which has resulted in an interest from the consumers in natural alternatives like the woolen dryer balls.

Also, due to rise in awareness of harmful effects to the environment, many more people are opting to go green and use products that are sustainable and eco friendly which has further fueled an interest in woolen dryer balls as a natural alternative in the past few years.

Disadvantages of Dryer sheets and fabric softeners

  • Artificial chemicals

Both dryer sheets and fabric softeners are laden with chemicals which pose a problem. They leave a chemical residue on the clothes which is a problem for people with sensitive skin, babies, people suffering from MCS (Multiple chemical syndrome).

Laundry products also contain volatile compounds which can cause respiratory issues when inhaled.

  • Cost more in the long term

The cost of dryer sheets and fabric softeners add up over time when compared to using laundry dryer balls. Hence, it makes sense to budget friendly consumers to opt for dryer balls especially since they are reusable upto a 1000 loads.

  • Hassle to use

Dryer sheets can be cumbersome to use

  • Longer drying time

Dryer balls reduce the drying time upto 25%. The added time with conventional methods is a waste of electricity and money.

  • Damage to the dryer unit

With the use of fabric softeners and drying sheets, there is product buildup in the dryer. The chemicals used in these products leave a residue which gets compounded over time making your dryer less effective and reduce its life.

How do laundry woolen dryer balls work

During the conventional drying process, all the wet clothes are clumped together till they become dry enough to separate and allow warm air to go between them.

natural dryer balls

When you use the dryer balls, they prevent the clumping of the clothes. They bounce between the layers and separate the layers of clothes from the start which allows warm air to circulate and dry the clothes from the initial stage. This reduces the drying time up to 25%. Lanolin present naturally in wool also helps to soften the clothes naturally by agitating against the clothes.

How to use wool dryer balls

The beauty of the dryer balls is that it is extremely simply to use. All you need to do is add these woolen balls when you load your dryer. There is no specific way to go about it that you need to take care of. So, all you need to is to remember to add them in your dryer.

One important consideration is that these laundry balls need room to work their magic. Hence, do not overload your drier. It is better to do two medium sized loads rather than one large load. The laundry balls are more effective in medium and small sized loads.

Tips for using woolen dryer balls

Use essentials oils for fragrance

You can add your favorite essential oil fragrance to your oil. Just add 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the dryer balls and you will notice the fragrance in your clothes. It is important not to add the essential oil directly in the dryer as it is a fire hazard.

natural laundry woolen balls

Do not over load the dryer

To get the most of your dryer balls, do not overload your dryer. The dryer balls need room  to work and declump your clothes. Hence, use small to medium loads for effective and efficient drying.

Eco friendly gift

Dryer balls can work as an excellent eco friendly gift option for the eco conscious people. Gift a pack of these to family and friends and they will thank you for introducing them to an efficient and effective natural solution for their drying needs.

Reduce Static

best laundry balls

Woolen dryer balls are great for reducing static. If you are still having issues with static, stick a pin in one of the dryer balls and this helps a lot with the static. Another alternative is to roll aluminum foil in to a ball and add this to your load.

How do they benefit me?

  • Reduced drying time
  • Lasts long (Up to1000 loads) and thus saves money
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Reduces pet hair
  • Reduces static
  • Increases dryer life
  • No chemical residue on clothes

How do they benefit the environment?

  • 100% natural alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners
  • Made up of natural wool
  • Reusable up to a 1000 loads
  • Sustainable product
  • No chemicals added in the environment
  • Reduces electricity consumption reducing drying time by 25%
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